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Planning applications within Skipwith Parish are determined by Selby District Council. Skipwith Parish Council is generally provided with a copy of all initial planning application documentation. Documentation usually includes plans, drawings, maps and environmental impact assessments or environmental statements. Skipwith Parish Council is requested to submit any comments that they wish to be considered by the District Council planning officers, statements of support or rejection are generally made at this point in time.

Skipwith Parish Council is not obliged to inform neighbours of any proposed development that a planning application has been submitted. Although the Parish Council may aspire to gather opinions of all interested parties, consultancy timescales often make this impracticable.

Selby District Council is obliged by statute to display a notice local to the proposed development site, a vivid colour such as fluorescent green or yellow is generally used. Although this is the District Council's only obligation they often communicate directly with neighbouring properties advising them who the planning officer is that is dealing with the application, where to view the plans and what constitutes a material consideration when objecting to the proposal.

Where possible the planning applications are considered during the bi-monthly Parish Council meetings. Unfortunately the closing date for formal responses to Selby District Council sometimes falls before the next Parish Council meeting, when this occurs, it is customary for special meetings to be called. Given the short timescales involved these meetings are not generally open to the public. Where possible the views of every councillor are sought before the final response is sent to Selby District Council normally by the clerk.

In exceptional circumstances extensions to the consultation periods may be sought at the behest of the planning officer. Where there has been significant public interest in a specific planning application a special open public meeting is generally called.

For further details on how the planning process works and to view specific plans you will find the Selby District Council website very useful:

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